The solution

The U-Specs are based on the Alvarez lens (named after the inventor and Nobel Prize laureate, Luis Alvarez). The mechanism used to move the Alvarez lens parts was invented and patented by VU University, Amsterdam.

The power of each lens can be simply adjusted to suit the needs of the user: turn the dials to change the power of the lens and once clear vision is attained, fix the power and the eyeglasses are ready to wear. U-Specs can be fitted by a trained health worker in a matter of minutes .

The spectacles have a dioptric range of -6 to 3 diopters and can correct up to 90% of refractive errors.

With economies of scale and the latest production techniques, U-Specs can be produced at low-cost, making them a cost-effective solution to the elimination of avoidable blindness.

Advantages of the U-Specs :